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SEO packages – prices, features, risks, and how to get started & Choose SEO service

SEO Packages in Dubai | Alareejit SEO agency

Any business that aims to achieve success needs to garner attention through the internet. This means that it’s important to impress Google, appealing to the algorithms of this search engine monolith. Understanding SEO is critical to this aim – and investing in an SEO package can make all the difference to a business.

What are SEO packages?

Alareejit SEO packages are subscription services offered by SEO expert agency in dubai and Alareejit SEO team. its billed monthly, though also available at a fixed rate or annually, SEO packages will contain a range of features designed to booster the performance of your website on major search engines like google, Bing, Yahoo etc. 

Alareejit convenience, we refer to Google throughout the rest of this guide while discussing SEO packages in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi UAE. Although there are over a hundred active search engines, some of which are gaining traction, Google is far and away the biggest name in the search engine.

Why Our SEO packages important?

SEO can be free. You find a variety of information sources all over the internet that claim to fill you in on how to achieve your SEO ambitions. SEO comes with a very steep learning curve, however, and the rules change constantly. 

This makes avoidable errors with potentially catastrophic results all too commonplace. Keeping on top of the latest developments is a full-time role in itself. It’s often more fiscally prudent to purchase an SEO package than assign responsibility to a staff member. 

What types of SEO package are there in Alareejit Dubai?

Our SEO packages come in many shapes and sizes, and different businesses will use varying terminology. However, there are three primary types of SEO package in Dubai.

Local SEO packages

Local SEO packages are helpful for any business with a physical, brick-and-mortar location. This could include retailers, legal services, and location-specific offerings such as cleaners, automobile garages and more.

A local SEO package will focus primarily on your Google My Business page, making it likelier that anybody in your geographic area will find your website as a SERP when launching a query.  

National SEO packages

National SEO packages are for businesses that operate in a larger sphere, focussing less on attracting local traffic. If your business is competing with larger rivals from across the country – or even throughout the world – a local SEO package will have limited impact. You’ll be much better served by a national alternative.

A national SEO package will typically focus on the content of your website, constantly updating the use of keywords and ensuring relevancy in search terms. National SEO packages will also place greater emphasis on the use of backlinks – a major page ranking factor for our Google overlords.

SEO audit packages

An SEO audit package will offer a complete review of your website, assessing exactly what you are doing right and wrong when it comes to attracting traffic. This will be a full service that investigates your content, the mobile-friendless of your site, identifying any toxic backlinks and the likelihood of being penalised in an algorithm update. Naturally, however, such a deep dive will come at a price.
Types of Alareejit SEO package compared to UAE markets

Do SEO packages work?

Purchasing an SEO package is similar to hiring the services of an SEO agency. You need to understand that you are paying for expertise like Alareejit, and the give 100% guaranteed results. Any SEO package Dubai that promises a tangible reward, such as reaching the top page of a Google search, should be viewed with healthy suspicion. 

What SEO packages will do is bolster your chances of success in UAE business markets. Even if you have a team member dedicated to SEO, it can be almost impossible to keep up with the ever-shifting goalposts of Google. A DIY approach is time-consuming and potentially outdated. An SEO package will do the vast majority of the heavy lifting for you. 

Although an SEO package Dubai requires an initial financial outlay, it could potentially save your business money in the long term. It’s easy to fall foul of harsh penalties if Google’s algorithms suspect that your website practices Black Hat SEO, whether by accident or design. In such an event, your page ranking will plummet like a stone. This will impact your traffic, which in turn can seriously damage the bottom line of any business.

Ultimately, an SEO package is a great investment – if you understand what you are expecting. SEO packages are not magic wands and will not single-handedly reverse the fortunes of your business. They are, however, a great way to make substantial strides toward meeting your goals.

SEO package prices – what do Alareejit cost for it? 

Alareejit SEO package price and cost different with all business services, the price of an SEO package will vary depending on what you are looking for. As we discussed above, there are three core types of SEO package. However, even if make a choice, you’ll need to decide whether to go basic, intermediate or advanced. Factor the potential cost of an SEO package into your marketing budget.

If you have decided to investigate an SEO package, take a look at this table. It will provide insight into how much you can expect to pay each month – and which business models would benefit most from such an investment.

Size of packageAverage costBest for…
Basic 500 / 1200 AEDEntrepreneurs and sole traders looking to bolster their web presence – especially among local consumers – and gain greater insight into search engine performance, google ranking in dubai
Intermediate 500 – 1000 AED / 2000 – 4000 AEDSMEs that seek assistance with their web marketing, bolstering traffic through search engines and judicious use of keywords
Advanced 2,000 / 3000 AEDLarger businesses that need to constantly grow their web presence through SEO, especially if competing with major, multinational rivals
SEO package price comparison with Alareejit

Cheap SEO packages – a viable option for small business?

As with all things, you get what you pay for with an SEO package. If something looks too good to be true, it likely is. Cheaper packages are typically offered by inexperienced providers that lack understanding of the subtleties and vagaries of your business. These packages will likely focus more on short-term results than long-term strategy.

Cheap SEO packages – a viable option for small business?

As with all things, you get what you pay for with an SEO package. If something looks too good to be true, it likely is. Cheaper packages are typically offered by inexperienced providers that lack understanding of the subtleties and vagaries of your business. These packages will likely focus more on short-term results than long-term strategy.

How to identify a good SEO package

If you’re keen to invest in an SEO package, look out for the following features from the provider.

  • A clear and distinct strategy for how your SEO goals will be achieved. SEO is a science as much as an art – it should not be discussed in broad, abstract terms
  • Distinct understanding of what your business is looking to achieve, and how an SEO package can help you achieve it
  • A proven track record of results, ideally from clients within your industry
  • Effective and reliable communication

If you find an SEO package that you think meets your needs, ask for a conversation and demonstration with the vendor and confirm its suitability. As part of the process, you may need to make signification chances to your website – both in terms of content and structure. You’ll need to ensure that you share a mutual trust with the potential to yield positive results.

Monthly SEO packages vs. stand-alone SEO packages vs. fixed price SEO packages 

You’ll typically be presented with three options when considering an SEO package.

  • Monthly SEO packages are an ongoing subscription at a regular price
  • Standalone SEO packages are a one-off service, usually focussing on one particular element of SEO
  • Fixed price SEO packages involve a single, usually substantial, payment for a contracted period of service 

Let’s take a look at the primary pro and con of each approach.

Duration of packageKey benefitBiggest drawback
MonthlyOpportunity to constantly review the service, renewing or terminating as appropriateMonthly billing leads to a lot of administration, and could see your service cut off is an invoice goes astray
StandaloneComplete mastery of a core element of SEO, such as keywords or backlinksThe cost can quickly start to build up if you need more than one service
Fixed PricePay once and relax – if you trust the vendor, you can leave them to manage all your SEO needsIf the service is substandard or not seeing results, you have already committed yourself to a vendor
Monthly, Standalone and Fixed-price SEO packages comparison

A monthly subscription to an SEO package is the most popular choice, for good reason. Keeping the contract constantly renewable ensures that all parties are motivated to provide the best possible service and prolong the working relationship.

Common SEO package mistakes to avoid by People in Dubai

When you decide to purchase an SEO package, ensure you make the best possible decision. This means avoiding falling for common pitfalls in this industry. Here are some mistakes associated with SEO packages that no business should fall for.

  1. Purchasing from an inexperienced agency without a proven track record
  2. Purchasing backlinks as part of an SEO package – that’s a strict Google no-no
  3. Purchasing an outdated package that is beholden to outdated SEO practices
  4. Purchase a package from a business that does not understand your customer base
  5. Purchasing a package that promises immediate results. This will likely stem from shortcuts that carry penalties in the longer term

Always ensure that you have a clear goal in mind before purchasing an SEO package. This cannot be anything as vague as, “generating more traffic” or, “improving revenue.” Ascertain exactly what you are looking to achieve with an SEO package, ensuring the vendor understands these expectations. Alareejit is best option for your company in dubai

How to choose an SEO package – a step-by-step guide

When you’re ready to choose an SEO package, do not simply choose the highest-ranking service on Google in Dubai. While this suggests that the vendor understands how to shoot to the top of page one, it does not necessarily showcase an understanding of your business and customers.

To take the plunge and select an SEO package, follow these steps.

How to choose an SEO package

  1. Determine whether an SEO package is the right solution for your circumstances

    Assess if you need an SEO package or would prefer to tackle this yourself. We recommend professional help, but the choice, as always, is yours.

  2. Decide how much money you’d like to spend

    Set a budget for your SEO package.

  3. Draw up an SEO strategy

    Including your hopes for the result – and be prepared to share and discuss this with a vendor.

  4. Investigate the different types of SEO package available

    Typically local, national or audit – and decide if you’ll need a basic, intermediate or advanced package.

  5. Research suppliers of SEO packages

    Locate a vendor with experience and proven results in your industry.

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